Realtors & Well Certifications

Are you a realtor in Las Vegas or Southern Nevada?

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What is an Inspection & Certification?

Our trained professional technicians inspect your well system and record the specs at the time of service. The technician's primary focus is making sure the well system is up to factory minimum recommendations.

Our technicians check for flow, pressure settings, tank pressures, tank quality, motor specs, and record electrical specs while the system is running. We also ensure everything in the system is done to proper codes and regulations.

If the system is inadequate or in need of repair, an estimate will be provided.

To get an exact gallons per minute (GPM), a check water meter must be present. A meter can be installed, just request a quote.

Reasons to Get a Well Certification

  • Seller of home can get well certification to show potential buyers the condition of the well.
  • Buyer of home can get a well certification to see condition of well of the property they would like to purchase.
  • Well certification reassure both parties, buyers and sellers of property, the condition of the well.
  • Realtors can use this to show off houses. Making it quick and easy for everyone.
  • Banks, loan officers, etc. can be assured the well is functional and operating at time of purchase.

Notes About Well Certifications

We can usually complete well inspections and certifications very quickly. Most of the time it is same day or few days turnaround. However, we are an emergency based company. All customers with no water and other emergencies will come first.

We are open 365 days a year to assist our customers.

Payment is due at the time of certification. We accept most payment methods in person or by phone. (No billing, sorry for the inconvenience.)

At the moment we are not doing water quality tests. We have not seen any need for this due to water conditions in the valley being very good. If demand grows, it’s possible for us to assist with this in the future.

Service Areas

We are happy to serve our customers throughout Southern Nevada.

Our headquarters is in Las Vegas but we also service Henderson, North Las Vegas, Pahrump, Sandy Valley, Moapa, Mt. Charleston, Searchlight, and Good Springs. Don't see your area listed? Just give us a call!

How To Schedule

There are two ways to schedule.

Either call us at (702) 361-3340 Ext 1 for Sales & Service or you can schedule an online work request.

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