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No-Water Emergency Service

Well Certifications


Electrical Testing & Replacement

Sediment Filtration System Maintenance & Repair

Plumbing Repair & Upgrades

Variable Speed Controller Installation

Well & Borehole Camera Service

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No water Emergency? Our trained technician’s are on call 24/7, including most holidays! We actively maintain stock well supplies so you’re not left waiting.


Add value to your property with a Well Certifications and provide the owner, buyer, or seller with peace of mind. Well owners in Nevada hold all responsibility for the condition of the well. It is important to obtain certification before buying and selling.  

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3rd Party Financing!

Water Well Services, Inc. has partnered with Wisetack to bring you the opportunity to save money for generations. Contact us today to learn more about your financing eligibility. 

Annual Check-ups & Inspections

Our service technicians can test flow, water level, pump motor performance, pressure tank and switch contact performance and general water quality. Each inspection comes with a basic report of the health and operation of your well, as well as any recommendations for action. The inspection process usually takes around two hours and you are under no obligation to purchase other services when the inspection is complete.

Advanced inspections, written reports, and water quality analysis are available for additional fees. 

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Water Analysis

nv state certified lab

If you are buying a property with a private well, request the well certification and water test results. If the well is not in proper condition, the current well owner is liable for water analysis testing, well condition, and any repairs necessary. Water samples are tested at a Nevada state certified lab for a full well water panel. 

Well Repair & Rehabilitation

A single bad part can severely impact your wells performance or cause otherwise good parts to fail. If you experience low water pressure or notice that your pump and motor are running constantly, these could be signs your well is in need of service. Don’t wait for a small problem to become a big one.

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Water well pump and motor

Pump & Motor maintenance & Replacement

When a pump and motor reaches the end of its service life, you need an experienced and professional contractor who has the knowledge and tools to remove and replace the unit quickly and safely. Water Well Services maintains a fleet of extraction vehicles designed specifically for this purpose. Our expert staff can extract and replace pumps and motors of any size, from any depth. We only sell quality pumps and motors, and we back each one with a one-year full replacement warranty with labor included.

Electrical Testing & Replacement

Proper electrical component function is vital to the operation of your well. Breakers, control modules, pressure switches, and wire can break-down over time with exposure to the elements. Water Well Services can safely inspect and service the electrical components of your well. We do it right the first time!

Water well electrical volt meter testing with thumbs up.
Double filter water well filtration system with two 20 inch filters

Sediment Filtertration System Maintenance & Repair

Well water can be loaded with sediment, clogging valves, fixtures, and irrigation systems and ruining water heaters and appliances. Not to mention the health issues if your well is your drinking water supply. Don’t get stuck with the extra maintenance and certainly don’t risk your health! We provide complete filter system installs, upgrades, maintenance, and repairs.

Shop filters and systems here!

Plumbing Repair & Upgrades

Damaged or broken plumbing can lead to all sorts of issues like pressure drops, dirty water, and even system failure. And it can happen for all sorts of reasons from UV damage to human error. Don’t wait for the issue to get worse. Call us out so we can fix your plumbing system. We can inspect your system and identify weak points. We carry quality pipe and fittings so you can depend on our repairs and upgrades.

Sloppy install by another company? Don’t worry, we’re used to fixing well system plumbing jobs all over.

We also carry quality PVC insulation to protect your plumbing year-round from UV exposure and extreme weather. Plus it looks great too.

Water Well System
Water Well Meter

Water Meter Installation & Replacement

Accurately measure the water delivered to your property! 

Is your water meter bad or not working properly? Has the Water District told you your meter isn’t working?

Call us today! Our technicians will diagnose the issue. We always have meters in stock.

Variable Speed Control

A Constant Pressure System operates with a home’s well pump and a variable frequency drive controller to automatically monitor household water demand. The variable frequency drive speeds up or slows down the pump depending on your household water requirement. The end result is consistent water pressure when multiple water outlets are being used at the same time.

This is hands-down the best upgrade for your system and drastically improves system lifespan.

Water well variable speed controllers
Well & Borehole Camera

Well & Borehole Camera Service

Water Proof | High-def | Fisheye lense | 750feet deep

We provide this service for all residential, commercial, and government clients. There are many reasons to use this service such as checking for damage, blockages, etc. Our camera systems are the best in the industry and provide a clear HD video recording and can even link to GPS to provide lat/lon, time, and date in the video.

Well pumps must be pulled prior to camera inspection.

A Family Owned Local Business

50 Years of Service and Generations to Follow

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Client Testimonials

"Water Well Services did an excellent job installing a new tank plus additional equipment for our Community well. This puppy looks Sexy! Exceptional customer service. Very professional, excellent customer service and communicative skills. Brandon, Jonathan, Damien, Robert and Casey were very hard working, dedicated professional installers.This is the Company you should work with to service all your water needs. Just the best. Water Well Services should be so glad that these professionals have their names associated with the Company. Thank you so much."
"Excellent service! Our initial consultation with Dan (this I our first home with a well) indicated that our equipment was still functional, but nearing end of life. Water Well Services walked us thru various options and provided several quotes to choose from. We opted to have a complete rebuild of our 20 year old well. Bernard and Robert, the technicians who completed the install were very professional and courteous. They did amazing work and took the time to walk me thru how all the new equipment worked. They also did a thorough clean up post install. Each time I called with questions, Brandon was friendly and helpful. We will definitely use Water Well Services for any future needs."
"Huge shout out to Brandon and his wonderful team Bernard, Robert, Anakin, Alex, Chris and Brian. How could I forget Dan who came over the day this summer my pump house leaking and fixed it right away. I mentioned wishing I could find someone to install a solar pump in an inactive well should the grid or my current well need lengthy repairs. He mentioned Brandon was interested in solar. It took me a few months to call him. When I did he scheduled the pump and casing removed so a solar assembly could be installed. All this from beginning to end took one week! Brandon knew what to do, how to do it and kept his word throughout the entire project. THANK YOU"

Serving Las Vegas and Southern Nevada for 50 Years and Generations to Follow

For the best service, we maintain a fleet or work trucks and a stock supply of all your water well parts!

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